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Pulse-n-Glo™ Ultrasonic Body Washing Brush

Radiant, Glowing, Beautiful skin just a shower away!

Exfoliate Like never before

Clean your body 2x times faster

Perfect for hard to reach areas

A must for low mobility individuals

Get rid of disease causing toxins 

It's ultrasonic motor will clean deep in your pores so you can Say good-bye to body acne

Gentle enough, even for the most sensitive skin

Massage away your days stress, while you shower.


Express Shipping

Get your order in 7-10 days’ time - no matter where.

60 day warranty

Anything goes wrong - ping us for a free exchange.



For all questions - our 24/7 support center is happy to answer.

"Like an electric toothbrush for your entire body"

Reduce darkening areas

Neck, under-arms, knees, elbows and more

Destroy Cellulite

Ultrasonic motor breaks up cellulite cluster, seemingly overnight!

Erase acne

Pulse-n-Glo™ give you the ability to reach down and eliminate acne causing bacteria

Scrub away Calluses 

Use our specially designed attachment 

Thousands+ of satisfied customers

Customer reviews

Our Customers' Praises!

Limited Quantity Available. Order Yours Today For Free Shipping 


Information hub

Questions & Answers

How do I clean it after use?

Simply rinse the brush and attachments with warm water, and air dry. 

How long does it take to see results

Results with the Pulse-n-Glo™ can depend on your diet and routine. Most results can be seen within a 1 week using everyday with am and pm showers. 

How do I use it?

How do I use it?

How do I use the exchange policy?

Within 60 days we will exchange Pulse-n-Glo™ no questions asked. Simply email and and wait for your new Pulse-n-Glo™. 

How long does shipping take?

Our fast shipping system usually take 7-10 business days. 

How do I just order new brush heads?

Reach out to and we will be glad to sell you any new attachment. 

Will it get damaged if fully submerged in a bath tub?

The Pulse-n-Glo™ is completely waterproof. But we do not recommend submerging it in water

Must the button be pressed while using it?

No, you can press the button once to turn it on. Double tap to switch speeds, and once more to turn off.

Does it only vibrate or spin?

It's ultrasonic motor does both, the brush spin and pulses along at a special frequency.

Glowing skin 

just a shower away!

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Olaf Schmeler

This was such a wonderful and needed product. I purchased this for my 75 year old mom who recently broke her arm. The ability to reach and clean places on her own, really gave her self worth back. Her favorite is the loofah sponge and the brush attachment!

Kylee Kerluke

My mom wanted this, so I bought it for her. She raved and raved about this after her first use! She said she feels like she isn't leaving any DNA behind (like Gattaca LOL) and looks forward to showers again.

Brooke Fahey

Excellent brush everything works, the truth came not charged. Has several modes, a little heavy, but help you not apply too much pressure. Seller recommended! Clears up acne and leaves the skin feeling amazingly soft and you truly glow!!!!!

Esteban Thiel

Love that it came with a hook to hang it on my shower curtain rod. This is exactly what I needed to effortlessly scrub my back. Skin feels so much better

Rae Lowe

Changed my life! 😭 Didn’t even know these existed! Totally worth coming home to after a long hard day! It does all the work! Mines is in awesome shape and packaged fantastic!

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